Sit Stay Beg Cookie Company


About Us

Hey there! We are Brady and Jax and we are the Chief Tasing Officers of Sit Stay Beg. To tell you a little bit about us…I’m Brady and I’m a 16 year old English Setter rescue. When I was adopted at 4 years old, I was about 35 pounds, almost bald and very sick. It took my Mom a long time to figure out what was wrong with me. After a lot of trial and error she figured out that I had food allergies. After process of elimination and a very strict diet it was determined I that I couldn’t tolerate gluten. It would make me extremely itchy and would upset my stomach very much. Now I am 46 pounds and am very healthy with lots of beautiful fur. So, with that said I am the reason for Sit Stay Beg. Pretty cool, huh? I love that I have healthy treats at my disposal at all times because I’m kind of a pig. In my spare time I like to nap and watch birds in my yard. My brother Jax is a 17 year old Beagle that my Mom has had since he was 10 weeks old. He doesn’t have allergies but he has a nose for the good stuff! He loves Sit Stay Beg treats as much as me. In his spare time he likes to nap and sniff around our yard.

We know your dogs will love our treats as much as we do!